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 What is Bitcoin? 


Digital coins you can send or receive through internet. It is the internet of money.The first decentralized digital currency that is not controlled by anyone, except its users.Bitcoin has no material substance like other traditional fiat currencies, yet you can use it to buy or sell anything with your «digital wallet».Provides highly security standards in transactions around the globe.

It is not “inflation money” since there will be a certain number of bitcoins in circulation till the end of year 2140.

The value, though volatile, configures according to supply and demand rules. The greater the demand and the adoption of the currency, the higher the intrinsic value.




To put it more simply. Think that today everyone buys a mobile phone with 100 € since the global production covers the global demand of the 7.5 billion people living on our planet.Consider now what would happen if everybody learned that the global market is going to release only 21 million mobile devices forever, with a very special feature (note: 21,000,000 is the number of bitcoins to be released gradually by the end of 2140. Forever) . More specifically you learn that this mobile device can operate as “your personal bank” with safety in every corner of the world. You need to make only a simple division to calculate the minimum proliferative value that this mobile phone will acquire, in accordance with the law of supply and demand (where 1 mobile device = 1 bitcoin) with an explosion of demand by 7.5 billion consumers.


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