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The evolution of Bitcoin



18/8 Domain name bitcoin.org is registered

12/1 Becomes the first transaction in bitcoin in Block 170 by Satoshi in H. Finney
05/10 H New Liberty Standard publishes first dollar exchange rate 1 $ = 1,309 bitcoin (BTC)

22/5 Lazlo is the first who orders pizza and pays BTC (10.000 btc pizza $ 25 value)
7.7 Print version Bitcoin v0.3



04/10 The first wiki page with reference to bitcoin is created
14/02 The first vehicle purchase transaction with BTC is carried out
18/3 BTC/USD exchange rate reaches a 6-week low point at almost $0.70/BTC
27/3 The first market for exchanging bitcoins to and from the British Pound Sterling BTC/GBP, Britcoin, opens.
31/3 The first market for exchanging bitcoins to and from Brazilian Reals, Bitcoin Brazil, opens.
16/4 Time magazine does its first article on bitcoin
02/06 The exchange rate touches 10 USD per BTC
13/6 Forum user Allinvain claims that someone managed to steal 25.000 BTC from his electronic wallet.
19/06 BTC new security problems are reported. Accounts of 600 users are hacked. One of them loses 2.000 btc. Bitcoin community is activated and united is searching ways to close security gaps.
22/07 The first bitcoin application for iPad is released
20/08 The first Bitcoin Conference and World Expo is held, in NYC
25/11 The first European Bitcoin Conference is held in Prague

01/03 The largest theft of bitcoins is occurred (almost 50.000 BTC)
01/04 Pay-to-script-hash (P2SH) as defined through BIP 0016 goes live and provides a higher security level.
15/09 Bitcoin conference in London


19/02 Bitcoin Client v0.8 released featuring improved download speed and Bloom Filtering
28/02 The MtGox exchange rate broke the June 8 2011 peak of 31.91 USD. The first all time high since 601 days
18/03 The United States federal agency charged with enforcing laws against money laundering (FinCEN) declares that Bitcoin users are subject to regulation only at the point of USD-BTC exchange
01/04 BTC / USD price breaks the limit of $ 100
10/4 The exchange rate of the BTC reaches new high of $ 266
07/05 Bitcoin draws the attention of Silicon Valley. Union Square Venture Capital finances Coinbase with 5m. dollars. Shortly afterwards Coinbase will draw another 25 million dollars by Anderson Horowitz.
03/08 Forbes publishes the establishment of the first hedge fund investing in bitcoin, based in Malta.
02/10 United States Federal Agencies seize 170.000 BTC and bring to justice the 29 year old Ross Ulbirch, on charges of drug trafficking, online fraud and money laundering.
15/10 Chinese Google announces that accepts transactions in BTC
11/11 Cornell Researchers publish a 17 pages report which talks about gaps in the system of Bitcoin.
21/11 University of Cyprus is the first to receive tuition in BTC
27/11 BTC rate breaks the limit of $ 1,000 and touches gold price.
18/12 Central bank of China prohibits the use of BTC between government departments and companies. Although it can not prevent the interaction between citizens, the news create panic and rate of BTC (1200 $ at that time) plummets.


09/01 Overstock.com announces that accepts transactions with BTC
09/01 Wall Street hires its first BTC trader
14/01 Bitcoin celebrates its fifth birthday
14/02 Coinmarket Cap announces that alternative digital currencies (altercoins) created in an attempt to simulate bitcoin, far exceed 100.
28/2 Rumours had been circulating around the Bitcoin community for a week prior to the announcement. Mt Gox Exchange files for bankruptcy protection. Dissatisfaction between bitcoin users has started months ago, due to a series of mistakes in strategy of the company, which hurt the overall profile of bitcoin. Several members of the Bitcoin community accused the CEO of Mt Cox for pure speculation.
06/03 Newsweek publishes an article in which claims that Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of bitcoin. Nakamoto denies any involvement. Bitcoin community comes to his defense raising money for his legal fight.
30/04 Bloomberg integrates financial information provided to customers for daily rates of BTC
23/06 Benjamin Lawsky, head of the Financial Services N. York, announces his proposals for new restrictive rules for digital currencies users. Bitcoin community reacts calmly, saying that is ready to discuss, but the proposed conditions should not undermine the very concept of bitcoin. Any regulation that   limits freedoms for users and puts additional financial burdens on their trades, will find the community opposite.
23/06 It becomes widely known that 6 more hedge funds are investing in bitcoin.
27/06 United States becomes the first country that sells to its citizens bitcoin. With the rate moving close to $ 600, the buyer is Tim Draper, a venture capitalist 3G with a rich history of successful investments (see. Skype, Hotmail Viral Marketing etc.)


Source: bitcoin.org


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